FramyWhite 3.0

FramyWhite will put a picture you like in a white frame
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FramyWhite will put a picture you like in a white frame.
You can choose to use any image of your hard disk. It is possible to customize the image by changing its scale, rotating it and adjusting its contrast and brightness. You will see the image in the frame on your desktop all the time.

The program has another features to offer. Right-clicking on the frame, you will have access to other utilities. Some of them do not work. Some of them are strongly limited.

Every "search" function (Search the Web, Music, Encyclopedia) is managed by the search engine. As this search engine is not working, the searches just open a page in the Framy site, but it will never show any result.

If you select the TV Guide option, the program will open a page in the web browser that will let you access some sites with TV programs in the North America (US, Mexico and Canada), or Europe. There are no links to TV Guides in South America, Asia, Africa or Oceania countries.

This utility also allows you to get Weather forecasts for some cities in the US and Canada, and some cities in Europe, through FramyWhite also offers to read your horoscope, through the service provided by AdZe MiXXe.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • Most of the features don´t work or are strongly limited
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